CTB Podcast Episode 41: Artisanal Butter


The Podgang convenes as Evan complains about the Decimation of Smaug, Pizza Hut and pizza in general, foods that are difficult to make at home (looking at you, sushi) “artisanal” toast, and the future of “artisanal” foods. Everyone mulls over the upcoming Superbowl halftime show. The News That’s Fit To Rant About includes #moneyballchat, SRB’s marijuana opposition and much more.


1 thought on “CTB Podcast Episode 41: Artisanal Butter

  1. At Straus Family Creamery we still make our butter in a “batch churn”,
    an old-fashioned butter churn from the 1950s that we fill with fresh,
    sweet cream. The cream is spun in the churn until the fat molecules
    stick together, creating butter. Once the butter pieces get to the size
    of a pea, the buttermilk, which is the liquid byproduct of butter
    making, is drained.

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