Places! Things! Do them!


Bar Bacon Comedy Night – Golden West Cafe (1105 W 36th St., Hampden), 10pm tonight

Enjoy some standup comedy by Matt Baetz, Jen Tisdale, Adam Ruben, and host Jim Meyer. Will Dr. Doom show up again? Find out!


Arty Hill`s Honky Tonk Dance Party – The Patterson (3134 Eastern Ave., Highlandtown), 8pm Saturday – $15, $10 members.

It’s a CD release party, a dance party, a performance by Arty Hill and Caleb Stine, with guest vocalist Linda Nelson! Support the local moozic scene folks!


Buy a qualifying Nintendo 3DS on Amazon.com by April 2nd and get $25 bux toward any game. I hear there’s a new Pokemon game out or something!

3 thoughts on “HSTA!

  1. And Buffoon Nite at No Idea Tavern! The two worst bartenders working on a Friday night, hilarity and pour service to boot! Get it, pour, not poor? Although we are pretty crappy servers too…

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