NachoQuest – Dead End Saloon

Nachos - Dead End Saloon

The nachos at Dead End are a lesson well learned: looks can be deceiving. For $8.95 these nachos come with cheddar, chili, lettuce, olives, salsa and sour cream. ….sort of.
When they were first brought out I was pretty happy, as they appear to be layered nicely with a fair amount of all things nacho. I reached for a chip, pulled, and something horrible happened: six or seven chips came along for the ride.

This might not seem horrible to the untrained nacho consumer, but what this instantly tells you about the nachos you’re eating is that they are dried out to the point that the cheese has effectively spackled your chips together. To make matters worse, there wasn’t very much cheese to begin with. To make matters death-rattling, the chips were STALE. A low, guttural “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” issued from my soul as I turned over bare chip after stale, bare chip until I finally gave up and came to the chilling conclusion: these nachos SUCK. I love Dead End Saloon to death, but their nachos are pewp.

nachos des

Sorry guys.

One Golden Nacho out of Five

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  1. This place is horrible. The food was mediocre at best (my cream of crab soup was full of lumps of flour), and the owner was mean and nasty to our entire table. Not to mention that both our server and bartender were VERY DRUNK, stumbling around, and messed up our entire order. It must be hard to that job wasted…..NEVER AGAIN!

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