The Tipjar: Molecular Biology

It’s an entirely overdue brand new Tipjar! This time we’re talking about Molecular Biology. Well, Evan talks about Molecular Biology. And also gets the Eve Theory wrong and calls it the Gaia Theory. To be fair it’s been nearly twenty years since he last spoke about these things so cut him some slack. Like what […]

CTB Presents: The Robicelli Argument Clinic

Welcome to the pilot episode of the Robicelli Argument Clinic! Starring Allison and Matt Robicelli, Guy on the Couch Noah, and special guest host Bryan Levy (seen above) from the CTB Show. It’s a half hour of arguing about food topics and a lightning round, with a winning argument deemed crown-worthy at episode’s end. You […]

Ziggy Gets it Wrong: Sam Does Not Solve Racism

The Podgang tackles the Driving Miss Daisy and the Pimply Kid Saves the Day episodes of Quantum Leap! Quantum Leap is obsessed with adolescent boy virginity and it’s weird! Does Ziggy get it right this time? Listen and found out!

Ziggy Gets it Wrong: Tess Won’t Breed With Inferior Stock

Episode 3 of Ziggy Gets it Wrong is here! This Time the gang covers “How The Tess Was Won” and “Double Identity,” which deals with some very strange gender relations and star crossed lovers, respectively. Sam miraculously knows how to ride an untamed horse as well. Does Ziggy get it right? Listen and find out!

The Tipjar: Hairless Dogs and Stuff

This week’s topic comes from a generous donation from Johnny the Mailman! The Podgang discusses hairless dogs, hairless dog charities, and some other weird animal stuff. Enjoy. Like these episodes? Shoot us a buck or two on Venmo (@citythatbreeds) – or Paypal! (