Ziggy Gets it Wrong: Sometimes you Take the Fun out of Being a Hologram

Ziggy Gets it Wrong is back with two more episodes! You can watch Quanty Leaps for FREE on NBC.com.
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Poolhall Blues: September 4, 1954
Season 2, Episode 18

Sam leaps into a black man and DOESN’T fix racism for once! Only one N bomb on this episode that clearly didn’t have any black people in the writer’s room! Black Magic needs to win at pool and Sam is gonna git r done with Al’s/Ziggy’s handy laser pointer. Until Ziggy runs out of batteries.

Leapy Inventions: None

Ziggy Gets It: Mostly Right

Leaping in Without a Net: March 11, 1963
Season 2, Episode 19

Sam is a trapeze artist and a very important one at that! Oh Boy! Sam has a 97.2% chance of saving a lady from falling to her death so how could he possibly fail? Al wants to watch women change clothes as usual and there’s circus stuff going on, and we learn about Hungarian superstitions. So zany!

Leapy Inventions: “Little Person”

Ziggy Gets It: Right

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