Ziggy Gets it Wrong: DO THE QUANTUM LEAP SHOW!

It’s a new Ziggy Gets it Wrong! Here are the two very stellar episodes tackled on this installment. Episodes of Quantum Leap are available for free on nbc.com!

Maybe Baby: March 11, 1963
Season 2, Episode 20

Julie Brown wrote this episode with her husband! Oh Boy! Bunny O’Hare kidnaps a baby in this Raising Arizona (and also Roadhouse) episode and Sam is caught up in the mess. Al The Environmentalist™ makes his debut and Sam diagnoses asthma with his super ears in a moving vehicle!

Leapy Inventions: None

Ziggy Gets It: Could have been right but Sam says NO SIR NO MA’AM

Sea Bride: June 3, 1954
Season 2, Episode 21

Trash compactors! Environmentalist Al™ shows up again to complain about oceanic trash is while Sam tries to prevent a Married to the Mob situation on a cruise ship and a plucky young sister has the hots for Sam! He’s as dashing as Tab Hunter after all.

Leapy Inventions: “An offer you can’t refuse”

Ziggy Gets It: Right

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