Ziggy Gets it Wrong: You Should Have Seen the Other Takes!

Oh Boy! Ziggy Gets it Wrong is back with two hot hot hot episodes! You can watch Quanty Leaps for FREE on NBC.com.
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To Catch A Falling Star: May 21, 1979 – Season 2, Episode 10

SPOILER IN THE TITLE! In a very complicated episode with a pun-based title in which Sam flips out about being an understudy and has to weave his way through the sordid backstage shenanigans of a acting troupe! It’s HIGH STAKES as Sam must prevent a drunk guy from falling down. With sexy results!

Ziggy Gets It: we forgot to talk about that

A Portrait for Troian: February 7th, 1971
Season 2, Episode 11

When a producer’s wife has a starring role and spooky things happen, it’s gotta be A Portrait for Troian! A dead husband seeks revenge in painting form and Sam is a paranormal investigator who doesn’t believe in ghosts despite the fact that GOD IS IN CHARGE OF THIS SHOW. Earthquakes! Ponds! Lots of weird noises! This episode has it all.

Ziggy Gets It: RIGHT!

See ya next Leap!

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