South Baltimore Parking Problems to Get Even More Worserer

South Baltimore parking is about to get even more sparse than it was before. After more than five years of being teased that luxury apartments are coming to Heath Street ( EtM edit: good god it’s been THAT long?), traction is finally being made on this plan. The Heath Lofts will boast almost 60 luxury pads at a hefty price tag, two bedrooms are said to start at $1,750 a month. But thanks to a poorly placed city hearing sign, the developers stood relatively unopposed by neighborhood residents. As a result, they are putting in a measly 28 spots for their future residents.

(here’s the quick math – 60 apartments x 2 bedrooms each = 120 more than likely extra cars – 28 parking spaces = 92 extra cars in the area.)

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I am paying $1,750 in rent a month I would hope that would ensure me parking. At the very least, if I’m paying that kind of money, what’s another $100 to rent a spot? But with 28 spots for 60 apartments, I suspect I’ll be on a long waiting list to take advantage of the elusive, guaranteed parking that can be found in Federal Hill. If you do the math that we did above for you, most of the lofts will have two residents, maybe not all of the occupants will have two cars per unit, this leaves anywhere from 32-100 residents (depending on how many units they actually fill) without parking.

Couple the above situation with yet another apartment building getting added on 2 East Wells Street, we are looking at a major influx of cars that will tax an already miserable situation. Fortunately, the Wells Street addition is being added by the same developers of the 1901 Charles Street apartments, WPM Real Estate Group, who do offer sufficient in-building parking for their residents.

Perhaps our only saving grace may come from the difficulties the Heath Loft residents will have obtaining area 30 parking permits. They may fight an uphill battle with the Parking Authority on a claim to their rights. I suspect many will find a way around it and the rest will just take up the limited free parking we have within a short walks distance.

Now, call me crazy, but wouldn’t it make more sense for one of these property management companies to look into adding something of way more value to Federal Hill residents than yet another luxury living apartment/condo/loft type building. Say…another parking garage? I guarantee any developer that they would have no problem filling every available space before the garage was even finished. And just imagine the premium price you could charge on game days. A girl can dream. In the meantime, I think I may go check Craigslist for some bicycles…

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