The Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad, their last show, and Septimius the GREAT

And lo it was last month, when an exchange of comments via locally popular Midnight Sun blog did spark an interest: could or would the new Black Roman Emperor Septimius the Great be lured into performing at local rock group Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad‘s CD release party for their latest (and last, tragically) album, Boneslinky?

To make a long story short, the answer is yes. To make a short story long, Septimius’ crew contacted me by mistake to see about booking last Friday’s show at the Windup Space, which I in turn forwarded to the fine folks of DMFS. Sadly, they had already booked the show and Septimius would neither be seen nor heard… until one auspicious day when I and thousands upon thousands of local media outlets were gleefully informed that Septimius would in fact be performing that day; one track, 5 minutes, a lifetime of awesome.

As I arrived at the venue, DMFS was performing their smash hit single Sound Check Song,” a hard-driving tune dedicated to two things – rocking your face, and making sure all of the instruments’ levels were correct. Divine. As I settled into getting drunk, I noticed that he had already arrived: Septimius and his entourage were there. Septimius, his manager (mom), and his bodyguard, Dave. Dave resembled Dolph Lundgren with a bluetooth headset, as he followed his protected lord around with arms behind his back, never wavering from his duty.

After a few minutes of marveling at the greatest rapper and Black Roman Emperor ever, DMFS took the stage and began their performance of Boneslinky. In full costume, every band member and robot drummer delivered a fun 45 minutes or so of Zappa-esque rock and generally weird-but-hilarious party music, and the crowd loved it. It also happens to have been their last show, as they decided to suspend the band’s activities the following day. Regardless, they had some awesome tunes, here’s one of them:

Once DMFS had completed their set, the time had arrived to welcome local powerhouse Septimius the Great to the stage in order to perform his worldwide sensation, “I Am Fashion.” He performed the entire track in a full houndstooth suit, because he is very fashionable. The crowd loved his energy as well (naturally), as he ended his performance with a triumphant “I’m Septimius, bitch!” You sure are Septimius, you sure are.

2 thoughts on “The Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad, their last show, and Septimius the GREAT

  1. From the Chamber of Septimius the Great 🙂

    We thoroghly enjoyed meeting DMFS and the audience of the Wind Up Space. Can’t wait to work together again at the Wind Up Space, with DFMS together or separately, or Abroad.

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