Young, Broke and Beautiful book signing and dance party tonight

Remember when IFC’s “Young, Broke and Beautiful” came to Baltimore and shed some love all over local favorites like Mink Stole and Dan Deacon? Well as it turns out, the host of the show, Stuart Schuffman, is taking his latest of the “Living Cheaply” series on a broke-ass book tour, and will be at The […]

And the winner is!

Using highly scientific methodology (unlike last time) and countless hours of development, a winner has been selected for the book giveaway. Behold, the names printed on slips of paper in a meticulous pile Many hours later, a slip emerges itself from the pile and stands strong Congrats, Theresawilliams! You’ll be receiving an email shortly for […]

Quintessential Baltimore coffee table book turning 10, we’re giving away a copy

(the winner has been announced! but feel free to leave your “then and now” comments below if you wanna!) Thunder Bay’s popular series Then and Now has been around for a while, and Baltimore’s version (with heavy lifting by Midnight Sunner/beer blogger/photog Alexander D. Mitchell IV) Baltimore: Then and Now is itching to turn 10 […]

T&T&A Book Party at Larry Flint’s Hustler Club

Next Thursday, September 9th at Larry Flint’s Hustler Club (409 E. Baltimore St., Downtown) from 8-11pm comes one of the more unusual book signings/parties I’ve heard of in a while (and by that I mean ever); NY based photographer Tony Stamolis’ recent release T&T&A – a book solely devoted to pictures of topless women alongside pictures of tacos and other Mexican food – is coming to town and doin’ it up The Block style right here in Baltimore. I thumbed through a few pages of the tome and what can I say, it’s a bunch of topless women and dirty Mexican food. So, if that’s your thing then by all means grab yourself a copy of the book next Thursday!

And the winner is… or, dogs always choose the middle thing

Meet Rocky, the prize winner choosing dog. …at least, that’s what was supposed to happen at the end of our latest contest. See, the plan was pretty simple: put out the names of the folks who entered on pieces of paper, line them up on the floor, and put a carrot on each. First one that Rocky chooses = WINNAR!

Only problem is, Rocky is a dumb animal.

Win a copy of Laura Lippman’s I’d Know You Anywhere

Baltimore’s own crime detective crime drama crime solver novelist Laura Lippman has a new release out today, entitled I’d Know You Anywhere. This taut psychological thriller revolves around Eliza Benedict, a woman kidnapped for weeks as a teenager by a deranged criminal. She escapes with her life and moves on to raise a family, but […]