Vote for your favorite local business in MGH’s Make It Big Contest

Owings Mills based advertising company MGH is running a lil’ ol’ contest to allow you, citizen, to decide which Baltimore area business gets its own fancy pantsy billboard. Unsure if you’ve ever seen an MGH billboard? Maybe you’ve seen this one in Station North: Or possibly this five story Old Bay advert? So the contest […]

Pizza Memories: The Magnificent Shrinking Little Caesar’s

With all this talk of pizza, the inevitable lengthy discussions will occur: how hard pizza rules, what pizza doesn’t rule so hard, how awful those Joe Flacco Pizza Hut commercials are – and it won’t take too long to come to the question “What the f**k happened to Little Caesar’s?” Years ago, Little Caesar’s was […]

The greatest bail bonds card ever? Or: Explosions improve everything

Now, I have seen my fair share of bail bonds cards, Big Boyz Bail Bonds pens (I have 40,000), bail bonds bumper stickers, child safety seats and toilet brushes but this, this card, this magnificent bastard is my new favorite. Why? Because it has an explosion. Plain and simple. You don’t think explosions make for […]

HEY THIS IS VINCE with my favorite infomercial EVER

We’ve all seen the ubiquitously weird and creepy looking Vince from those Shamwow  commercials, which are definitely some sort of meta-self-aware-unintentionally-funny. But it’s offical, Vince is now my absolute hero with this new infomercial for the BRAND NEW PRODUCT: The Slap Chop (not an actually brand new product). It’s utterly brilliant, hilarious, I’ve watched it […]

Shouldn’t We All Smell Like Hamburgers? Requiem

The short answer to this question is no, no we should not smell like hamburgers. After the holidays, I found in my mailbox the Burger King Flame “body spray” that I ordered some time ago and thought “heh.” It comes in a tiny bottle much like the bottle in the picture, in fact it’s almost […]

The Amazing McRib

The McRib is a very curious sandwich. The mere mention of McRib, in conversation or when heard in any number of “THE MCRIB IS BACK!!!” commercials brings forth some sort of weird, unfounded glee.Which is weird, considering it’s really just a gross rib-shaped pork patty slathered in… delicious… BBQ sauce… with pickles and onions on […]