It’s the most awkwardest time of the year

(Darth Raymunnn brings us his most awkwardest of holiday favorites) Scooter Nation— ‘Tis the season for family holiday photo cards to bombard our mailboxes. The majority of the cards you will receive have happy families smiling, newborns or cute kids. Some I’ve seen are either awkward, scary and fall into the what the hell were […]

Subliminal pErsuaXion

Darth Raymunnn, an ad/marketing fellow himself, explores the wonderful world of sumbliminal sexual persuasion in advertising in his latest blog. Scooter Nation— Subliminal messaging or subliminal persuasion has been used in advertising for a long time. No matter what the product, even the slightest subliminal suggestion can have a huge effect on the consumer according […]

Love of the ‘stache – the 2011 moustache guide!

Darth Raymunn is back with his guide for this year’s moustaches, in honor of Movember! Scooter Nation—  Did you know that there is an American Moustache Institute? It provides a quick look through history, a style guide and the American ‘stache humble beginnings. They told me I gave them the best milk moustache of anybody.  […]

99% ers?

Meet Darth Raymunnn. He’s the Co-Founder of a lil’ marketing operation known as Oomph!, and oddly enough, has a blog about his scooter that he drives to work. Except it’s not usually about scooters at all, rather about beer, aliens, or in this case – the Occupy movement aka the 99%’ers (or whatever else they […]