SpaceManAndy’s Parting Advice

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

It’s been fun, guys and girls. I’ve been doing my advice column here for a few years now, and I’ve enjoyed every unpaid minute of it! But, it’s time for me to move on.

Starting very soon, I’ll be doing my advice column over at The B, under the name OutWords as part of their Gay Matters blog (It will also be in print weekly in B). Yes, it will be a LGBT column, but you don’t have to be queer to query. I’ll be covering all manners of LGBT lifestyle questions from “I think I might be gay” to “My best friend came out and professed feelings for me, how do I show support without leading him on?” to “What happens if 2 gay people date and really hit it off, but they’re both tops?” Basically, you can ask for yourself, for a friend, or about any curiosities you may have about LGBT life in general. I’ll be here to answer all your anonymous LGBT questions.

“But SpaceManAndy,” you say with panic in your eyes, “I have a question that has nothing to do with the LGBT community! What am I going to do?!”

Well, I’ve got good news for you, friend. The City That Breeds has found themselves a brand spankin’ new advice columnist! I am pleased to introduce a brand new feature in City That Breeds:

With Sincerity, an advice column.

You can email your questions in to

So, never fear, your questions will still be answered. And I’m not going away entirely. I will still be posting here as @SpaceManAndy on my various musings on life, just not giving advice.


2 thoughts on “SpaceManAndy’s Parting Advice

  1. Andy, I’m glad to see you making the transition to The B & I’m also happy to see that City That Breeds is getting another advice columnist. ALL IS WELL!

    1. It was a fierce bidding war for a brief moment and we finally had to give up our Advicer when they offered the princely sum of – any dollars. Looking forward to seeing what comes down the chute with the new person!

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