Dogwatch Tavern, the cutting room floor

photo via Midnight Sun

In case you missed it in this week’s issue of ‘b’ (p. 41) or in today’s Midnight Sun post, check out the review for the semi-new Fells Point establishment Dogwatch Tavern, as written by …uh, me.

It’s a decent bar worthy of your attention, but that’s not the point of this post! Point of this post is, due to editorial concerns fat gets trimmed from reviews like this, including little anecdotes and additional information that doesn’t make the cut – but that’s what crappy local blogs are for, you can be as bloviated (not an actual word) as you want! Here’s some stuff that didn’t make it to print, in bullet list form for maximum efficiency:

  • Shuffle Bowl. Some people have no idea what it is. Dogwatch has it, and it’s awesome. It’s basically a combination of shuffle board and bowling, and it was ubiquitously featured in every bar in the area in the late 70’s, early 80’s. Evening Magazine even did a feature on it at a bar in Pigtown known as Sid’s (in retrospect, a horrible name for a bar if the lettering were in all caps) in 1978.
  • More food quips: we also tried the white chicken chili, it was a tad bland but looked pretty awesome, covered in fresh jalapeno slices and sour cream. Ended up dumping it on the loaded fries with positive results. A group next to us ordered the chicken tenders – a platter with six total for like $7 – and one of the guys described them as “amazing.” Not something you hear too often when describing something like a chicken tender.
  • Granted, the football season is essentially over but their Sunday Football special is/was pretty great – $5 wings, $8 pitchers of Natty Boh and something else I can’t quite remember – either way for watching football Dogwatch’s leather couch lounge area is pretty tops.
  • Apparently they also have a lot of space available for private parties upstairs as well and encourage folks to book their events with them, as far as I know it’s free to book the upstairs and terms for alcohol service are negotiable (cash bar vs. AUCD). I didn’t get a chance to check out the upstairs but it’s worth investigating!

At any rate, that’s the cutting room floor for that review, hope you enjoyed the finished product.

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