A little something to perk me up.

Today has been rather traumatic. This week has been rather traumatic, and it’s only Tuesday. I’ve never actually believed that the economy has been close to a total collapse before, but well, here we are.

You know what I like to do in times like this? Watch the worst music video ever made, ever. Ever. The Hunger Burns Forever. Behold:


2 thoughts on “A little something to perk me up.

  1. I wonder how much money was spent on this. Just think of how many tons of carbon offset could have been purchased instead. But the world would be slightly less awesome without THBF (the hunger burns forever).

  2. I’m thinking probably close to at least 10 tons of carbon offsets easy, depending on your math. But a world without THBF is a world I don’t want to live in, that’s for sure.

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