CTB Shownotes! Episode 225

Welcome to the very first show notes companion piece extravaganza for the CTB Show! You’ll find helpful links and additional information in this here blog post. If you like it and/or want to see more, let us know! And while you’re at it, support the show and be a True Patriot.

Evan the Mayor took a day trip to Philadelphia and hit up the Reading Terminal Market (and the Mütter Museum) and brought back and Amuse Bouche for the crew:







Evan The Mayor has also booked a Pack Up and Go trip in June, with the destination being a total surprise. The Basic Instagram selfies will flow like wine, of that you can be assured.

Fast and Loose Baltimore Headlines:

And More:

Former guest of the show Michael Wood Jr. also made a bit of news via an investigative report published by High Country News. It’s confusing, frustrating and dicey and Bryan is not happy about it. Also Mr. Wood got a new Youtube Page that dropped pretty much the same day as the investigative report came out and it’s a bit weird. Check it out.

Also hey, remember KONY?

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