Bill’s Lighthouse sold again (for real this time), to become yet another pizza restaurant

Well it’s been a long time coming: Bill’s Lighthouse Inn, a staple in the South Baltimore area for 30+ years, has finally been sold (for really reals this time) to one Haluk Kantar et al of the Cazbar group, who intend to form Slyce the Bar, a pizza restaurant.

….pizza. Sounds great. Since the news first dropped last February that Bill’s was transferring ownership to one Marla Strebb, a lot of interest has since been generated in the property, a tumultuous year of things-not-going-to-settlement and various back and forths until the property was finally acquired and passed along to Cazbar. This anonymous comment on the matter raised an eyebrow or two on the matter, in a very TMI way:

I heard that Adele finally paid all the money she owed her step daughter Kristy from Bill’s will, and then on the same day broke a contract to sell the lighthouse to that biker girl, sold The Lighthouse to herself, then flipped again to JBL, who is leasing the bar to three stooges from Turkey! Saw that the transfer of the liquor license is scheduled for 3/8. I wonder if it will get approved now with the owner of JBl Jeremy landsman on his way to jail for drug trafficking! Check out the city paper this week. Adele deserves whatever she gets.

All that strangeness aside, new owner Haluk said in an email “I hope to have Slyce open by the middle to the end of March. […] I feel its perfect for the changing neighborhood.” (you can read more quotes from who have been covering the development about as much as humanly possible)

I doubt anyone would disagree that this particular neighborhood, which is receiving an enormous amount of attention lately, is changing. Rapidly. Whether or not the area needs another pizza restaurant (Pizza: The New Tapas?) remains to be seen. Hersh’s Pizza and Drinks just opened literally a block south of Bill’s and Federal Hill Proper is pretty flush with pizza. But the guys running the ship at Cazbar seem to know what they’re doing, so their chances of success are probably higher than most.

It will be strange, however, to see the property formerly known as Bill’s bustling and full of young urban professionals. My condolences to the folks that spent the better part of the past few decades eating there and enjoying of the last tried and true neighborhood establishments left on the map.


In other news: The Reserve made their name change official over the weekend to ‘1542 Gastropub,’ haven’t quite reopened yet. …..gastropub. Sounds great.

13 thoughts on “Bill’s Lighthouse sold again (for real this time), to become yet another pizza restaurant

  1. We do have a lot of Pizza, but I would still love to have a great slice place like Canton/Fells…Pasta Mista, BOP, Tutti Gusti or Graffiti! If this place can make slices like those places, I’ll be a big fan. Than I can always go to the Dog Pub’s, Hersh’s, and Barfly for good sit down pizza.

  2. hahaha I will second that…man if only all the junkies would just od….now that would clean up the neighborhood.

    1. I hav no idea how the lady with short bleached hair has hung on for so long. Maybe she mixes in some green tea in between the injections.

    1. I hope Krissy gets what is rightfully hers also,, Her parents loved her. I have known her since she was 2 years old and also tended bar there for 10 years.  What a great place that was.  The original Cheers.  Bill helped a lot of people out when he could.  He was also and ornery and sometimes funny man.  I made great memories and lifetime friends there.  Maybe her parents can rest in peace now.

  3. So this will make 6 “gourmet” pizza places within around half a mile of each other, and I probably missed counting one or two.  Doesn’t anyone have any other ideas? 

  4. We don’t need another pizza place,we need a great place to eat real good sea food.Bills LightHouse had the Biggest and real good steamed crabs.PLEASE BRING BACK THE CRABS!!!!!!!! 

  5. I would love to the person who worte the info including all the info about my dads will ! ….I wish the new owners nothing but GOOD LUCK ..i would love to see anyone make it there its been great not having to see Adeles face there everyday !! RIP Dad …And the Lighthouse !! so many great memories !!!!!!

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