The di[e]ce Boutique Grand Opening

1211 S. Charles St., Federal Hill
(it’s pronounced “Deece”)

The owner of di[e]ce, Shab Esfahani, has a great space on her hands and a great deal of potential.

Aside from vintage goods, di[e]ce features handmade jewelry from local artisans (including some crazy “human ivory” pieces made with fingernails!), local art installations that are all for sale, and custom tailoring/alterations. One of my favorite items was a set of men’s scarves made out of old dress pants – which hopefully I’ll purchase when they attach a pocket on one of them.

Shab hopes to keep the inventory lively and fresh, always changing the game. So if you’re in the market for something original, stop by di[e]ce and have a chat about what you want, chances are pretty high it can happen!

Anyway I’m no fashion expert, but the grand opening was pretty great fun and I took some pictures, so here they are.

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