BREAKING NEWS – Gang of Pogo Sticking youths terrorize inner harbor

Commuters are reporting this morning that a group of children, aged 8-16, are armed with pogo sticks and are rampantly pogoing throughout the Harborplace thoroughfare, smiling widely. One commuter who wishes to remain anonymous stated, “Yeah them kids is lookin all wild eyed and smilin, they gotta be on somethin!!” No word yet on whether […]

The Fort Avenue Snuggie bar crawl recap

(Dr. Sam Sessa has graciously printed this recap in his wicked popular blog Midnight Sun, as hosted by The Baltimore Sun) Let it be known that the Snuggie Bar Crawl may or may not have been the best bar crawl in Baltimore history, but it was certainly the best bar crawl that Fort Avenue has […]

Obama Whistlestop Finale

Here’s a list of things I would like to mention that didn’t necessarily make it to the general news media on Saturday after Obama’s HISTORIC GROUNDBREAKING DESCENT on Baltimore, partially because it’s not necessarily worth mentioning by them but also probably not very appropriate. “The Gauntlet” – literally a bajillion vendors screaming in your face […]