Scenes from the Hagerstown Cracker Barrel Part III: Justified

By Sam Sessa I know a guy who, in one cross-country road trip, dined and dashed at almost a dozen Cracker Barrels. He and his buddy would order the same thing every time, tip the waitress, get the check and walk out through the Old Country Store without paying. Sometimes they even ordered food to […]

Scenes from the Hagerstown Cracker Barrel Part II — Free Samples

It’s 11 a.m. on a Sunday — standing room only at the Hagerstown Cracker Barrel’s Old Country Store. Church has let out, and all those other sinners who spent Saturday night with their lips wrapped around a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 have scraped themselves off their kitchen floors and driven their Ford F150s to […]

Scenes from the Hagerstown Cracker Barrel, part I

By Sam Sessa Ever been to Cracker Barrel? Of course you have. You’re an American, and Cracker Barrel is where America has breakfast. And lunch. And sometimes dinner. On the same day. The parking lot is never empty at Cracker Barrel. Even in a blizzard, someone is always sitting in those rustic wooden rocking chairs […]