Ziggy Gets It Wrong: Jimmy!

Oh Boy! Welcome back to Ziggy Gets it Wrong. Here are the episodes tackled in this episode.

Jimmy – October 14, 1964
Episode 17, Season 2 Episode 8

Jimmy is a guy with a special set of circumstances in life and Michael Madson hates him! Sam leaps into Jimmy to save the day and rescues a child! Wow! Sam invents a lot of things in this episode and Al one ups Sam at every turn. It’s a very special episode™.

Ziggy Gets It: Right-ish. She takes The Long Way Around.

So Help Me God – July 29, 1957
Episode 18, Season 2 Episode 9

In a very sweaty episode, Sam calls out to The Big Guy a whole bunch and causes the problem-that-needs-a’solvin’ of the episode in the first place! Who could have seen this coming? How on Earth will he pull this one off? Sam also teaches people of the 50’s South what racial slurs they’re allowed to say, so that counts as an invention, right?

Ziggy Gets It: Wrong-ish? Who can even tell.

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