Ziggy Gets it Wrong: Her Body Could Part the Red Army

Episodes 9 and 10 of the Ol’ Leap on this week’s Ziggy Gets it Wrong! “Play it Again, Seymour” and “Honeymoon Express” are discussed as well as the constant conceit that the show’s contents are driven literally by God. Al’s pervvy activities take center stage and also produce the title of this episode! The events of Episode 10 are HUGE in terms of canon and Admiral Al makes his debut in front of the government muckety mucks that want to shut down the Quantum Leap project! Crazy! Does the project wind up in the toilet? Listen and find out!

Quantum Leap is available for FREE on NBC.com and Tubi. Look it up! Or, if you want to OWN Quantum Leap in its entirety click here and buy it, please!

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