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foot blogger in need of feet – m4w – 47 (phila pa area)

Married white male Who has a foot fetish.
I have a foot blog and am seeking all types of womens feet.barefeet,soles, toes with and without shoes.
Looking for discreet pic’s of your feet or if you wish non discreet.
Any age or race womens feet welcome. Thanks


And if by “married” you mean “very, very alone forever” and by “blog” you mean “large folder on my desktop covered in foot related jizz” then you’ve hit the nail on the head! Thanks for the free feet pic’s!!

Looking for a lady who likes CFNM as much as I do – m4w – 35

I love CFNM (clothed Female Naked Male). I thought I would post a ad and see what happens. I am not looking for anything. Just a nice lady who enjoys the same thing I do and would like to watch. Maybe if things work out we can do it again sometime. I am not sure what else to say on here but if interested at all drop me a line and we can go from there. Just a little bit details, I love to do housework in the nude while a clothed lady watches. I love going for a ride in the car with a clothed lady while I sit in the passenger seat naked. I would to come over a fix a computer for you in the nude if possible. I would love to see where this goes I am up for anything.


Watch wait what again? A dude hangin’ out bein’ naked? Just floppin’ around in mah Barcalounger and doin’ house chores in the nude, and so on — eh, nevermind this shit is weird enough on its own without the commentary.

Sperm Donor – m4w – 54 (Bel Air)

Any women looking for a sperm donor to have a child without all the drama and BS. After the child is born if you want me to have contact that is fine if not I understand. Please send pics and stats also, I’m D & D free you should be as well. Have a great day ladies !!!


Man, I’m sick of all the drama and BS of porkin’ ladies to make babies! I just wanna cut out the middle man and toss some sperm up in that and make some babies, I’m 54 and ain’t got time to waste! I’m an American Hero dammit quit wastin’ mah TIME!


Let me read to you, English classics, whilst you recline.. – m4w – 40 (Baltimore)

Have you ever desired to have an English voice read to you whilst you relax yourself? Choose a classic and let your mind wander, as this handsome individual takes you on a journey.. You will lose yourself.Interested? Want to know more?

Turn a dream into reality!


Oddly enough I did have a dream that involved this but the guy was Wilford Brimley and it was a neverending ad for Diabeetus medication and it deeply disturbed me. YOU FUCKING MONSTER!!

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