Shuckers slapped with eviction notice, massive back rent owed


Roughly 90 days after our last rumblings from one Shuckers of Fells Point (1629 Thames St) in which they were fined for operating without a business license – later revealed to be an issue of back taxes owed in excess of $100,000 – comes a tip today that they’ve been given an eviction notice from their primo waterfront spot at Brown’s Warf. Owing back rent to the tune of roughly $57,000, yeah, that’ll usually get you kicked out of a leasable property. One thing we noticed from the previous post was this curious reblog from the often ignored Tumblr, to which someone added a comment:

Now I’m going to make sure everyone sees this and understands that
1. It’s true
2. Tip of the iceberg
The owner/my former boss pulled me aside as I stopped in to say hi to a few people and Said ” I don’t know how I feel about you being in here after posting that story” and he put emphasis on story as if to say it was Fictional. I did not seek out this story, it was reported by an editor for I then received an email stating I should know what’s happening at my place of work. I decided to pass this info along to my former co-workers (Because they have the right to know) since I no longer work for Shuckers. I haven’t bad talked or slandered Shuckers in any way other than saying “We’re always out of the things that make us a seafood place” or “My new job is better for my sanity, my pockets AND MY ATTITUDE” Apparently I’m wrong for PUBLICLY TALKING ABOUT, PUBLICLY AVAILABLE INFORMATION.

So apparently this person’s employer got steamed (heheh) for reblogging our post on Tumblr, tried to inform some folks at work and got yelled at, 90 days later and Shuckers is donezo. What the hell happened to Shuckers? Used to be a fun place with a decent happy hour, and it’s practically criminal to squander a spot like that right on the water on principle alone. Fortunately for a future tenant it wouldn’t take hardly a bit of elbow grease to get that place up and running and up to being a wonderful place to dine, it’d be a shame to see the property empty for any length of time.

Update: G-Lick confirms Shuckers will be closing June 30th or July 31st, ownership not confirming any back rent owed as of yet.

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9 thoughts on “Shuckers slapped with eviction notice, massive back rent owed

  1. I’d be happy to see Shuckers with new ownership. It’s an amazing location, but the customer experience is currently pretty poor. Waste of a great waterfront spot. I’d go there all the time if it had good food and good service.

  2. I worked there for several years – It’s a fantastic location. However, the owner/management is pretty pathetic. So much inappropriate behavior. It’s like children run the show. It’s a shame that they took such a primo space and literally ran it into the ground. Hopefully it doesn’t stay empty long. AND I hope my former co-workers who still worked there are able to find new jobs, stat!

  3. I’m actually happy to hear this. The service was horrible and the food sucked! This is proof that no matter how good an establishment thinks they are and regardless of how great the location is customer service is what really matters. Good riddance Shuckers!

  4. frozen, microwaved food. inept servers. sleazy ownership/management. dingy interior and smell. so glad that amazing waterfront spot will be available to someone deserving and capable of running a business

  5. i never visited. but try to open and run an establishment yourself.
    amazing how every comment is a lynching. keep in mind you worked there.
    if you know more, re-open it yourself

    1. I did work there — I’ve worked in MANY restaurants over the years, but had never been a part of something so poorly run. The restaurant business is difficult. Clearly. But there are steps that you take to ensure that you succeed – For example, not getting wasted at the bar when you’re supposed to be in charge. During my time there, we had the staff to succeed, but the ownership refused to provide us the tools to do it. I’m surprised they were open as long as they were. Unless you’ve been there/worked there yourself, you have zero idea.

  6. doesn’t only 1 comment say they worked there? lol I’ve been there a few times. wasn’t good. wasn’t terrible. but def no where near what a spot like that should be. didn’t go back but I will when something else moves in. def won’t be long

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