The Baltimore Bar Remembering Name(s) Game

So there I was, crawling around South Baltimore so I coulds check out the new Kumari location (protip: the lunch buffet is like $10, free Nepalese Tea) when I saw the rearside of one Wiley Gunter’s (823 E Fort Ave, Locust Point) which features a rather large painted mural of what the place used to be called: Empty Pockets Saloon. Which is actually a pretty cool name, certainly rolls off the tongue better than Wiley Gunter’s, when I realized “This place has been like four different things in ten years.” Which in the bar business isn’t unusual at all, but be that as it may I started wondering about which bar in the city has been the most things in the shortest amount of time.

from memory, Empty Pockets Saloon —> ? —> Sky Box —> Sly Fox —> Wiley Gunter’s

Surely, the current iteration of 1542 Light St. Langermann’s on Light has to be in the top three:

Copa Cobana —> Copa 2000 —> The Royal —> Charlotte’s —> The Reserve —> 1542 Gastropub —> Langermann’s on Light

Or possibly one of the constantly changing spots in Powerplant Live? (McFadden’s, Tiki Bob’s, Lodge Bar, etc) Can any establishment top the record of six seven things in ten years? I’d be willing to list 1542 Gastropub as a fluke since it was open for literally five minutes and under the same ownership, but it seems to me like possibly that place on Boston St. that used to be Hollywood Burger Bistro (BLUGH) has probably at least equal share in changing hands.


EDIT: twiterrer @Legends_MikeK extends the timeline:

9 thoughts on “The Baltimore Bar Remembering Name(s) Game

  1. OH MAN I JUST REMEMBERED – Hucka’s/Hookah’s or whatever, The Grill, Canton Arts and Entertainment, Dark Horse / Finnegan’s Wake (now closed as well), that building has to be top three easily

  2. The new winner is the place on Charles or Calvert??? X, ten, Lux, etc. etc. that place has to be the winner. It’s now called Oxygen.

  3. What was name of the fun bar that had bikini contests on Sundays in Canton back in the late 90s right on the water and great food?

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