Holy Shit That’s Awesome: Poison and Def Leppard at Merriweather

So, I’ve been having a pretty shitty week. I had 5 days off around the 4th of July, and was sick (still am) with Bronchitis the entire time. Also, my cat died on Tuesday. I’ve been all kinds of stressed out. Then, yesterday my good friend AnnaVonShans sent me a text asking what I was doing that night. I had no plans so she informed me that we were going to see Poison and Def Leppard in the 3rd row, and that we would be going back stage after.

If you look closely, you can see Rick Allen’s missing arm is covered by a Union Jack, which is pretty damn awesome.

The seats were fucking awesome! If I wanted to, I could have thrown something and hit Brett Michaels. I’m not going to lie. I kind of did want to do that.


I think Brett Michaels is a tool, but I like his music and he is a great performer and I wanted to see his whole set. In hindsight, I could have thrown something as he was leaving, but then I probably would have gotten beat up by a bunch of guys in cut off jean shorts and shirts without sleeves. No one wants that. But I digress.

Joe Elliott getting upstaged by Phil Collen’s 55 year old abs

The point is the show was awesome! Our seats were fucking amazing, and we even got to go back stage after the show where I met legendary one-armed drummer Rick Allen! He was really nice. We had a little chat about smoking and nicotine cravings, which was cool, but sucked since I’m trying to cut back due to the Bronchitis and whatnot. Whatever. Nicotine gum is just as good, right?

Seriously, if you ever get a chance to go see Def Leppard, DO IT! They still rock. Unlike Blue Oyster Cult who I saw at a free show at the Frederick County Fourth of July a few years ago. That was just sad. But this wasn’t! IT WAS AWESOME! Big thanks to my friend Anna, and Sinead, the production manager that got us in to all of this.

Did anyone else go to the show? How did you like it? Get any good pictures?

P.S. RIP Charley. Miss you buddy.

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