Meteorologists predict: Baltimore average temperature down this summer

DATELINE: JULY 13TH, BALTIMORE MD – At the North American Meteorological Buddies Leadership Association (NAMBLA) meeting this past Wednesday, held annually at the Baltimore Convention Center, keynote speaker Norm Lewis delivered the “heart-warming” news: Baltimore’s average temperature this summer will actually be lower than previous summers, down from 12,000,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit to a pleasant and […]

Dispatches from the unusually large snow storm – pt. 1

Throughout the last ……4397534 days of snow, the Baltimore area continues to collectively shit its pants and devolve into an infant state, a lot of which I would like to complain about in a timely fashion. But before I do, I continue to die laughing every single time I see Mr. Accuweather, over and over. […]


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