Urban Foraging in Baltimore: or, Hey this Superfundberry tastes great!

  Laura Vozzella ran a piece in the Baltimore Sun yesterday regarding the seemingly on-the-rise concept of Urban Foraging, which essentially amounts to picking things up off the ground and eating them: By gathering food in a city public park, Stauss not only trims her grocery bill but also takes part in one of the […]

SpaceManAndy’s Advice for Spelunked in Baltimore

Dear SpaceManAndy,
A few friends and I are planning on doing some urban exploring in a few
days. With that said, could you possibly give me some advice about breaking &
entering abandoned buildings,
running from the law & the proper way to stab a bum?

Spelunked in Baltimore
(not the urban dict. meaning)

Dear Spelunked,

Please read the following in the voice of the narrator from those old Goofy cartoons:

Urban Exploration, that time honored tradition of investigating and photographing those places that have been forgotten by time (but not crackheads). Urban Exploration can be fun and safe as long as you follow these simple dos and don’ts.

The Gwynns Falls Trail

During the height of Summer in Baltimore City, you might spot a few random folks on their trail bikes riding along Washington Boulevard, prompting a eyebrow raise followed by a “What the hell are people doing biking around here?” The answer: The Gwynns Falls Trail! A 15-mile stretch of mostly-paved biking and hiking trail stretching […]

Falls Road is pretty sweet

Falls Road, in between Hampden and Mount Vernon, is a positively magical stretch of road which features (among other things) the Baltimore Streetcar Museum. It’s a shockingly scenic area of the city – a bizarre nature escape combined with the steel and brick of old architecture that abruptly ends with you being dumped out onto […]