Dumb ads throughout history – Volume 1

Advertising, as necessary and powerful as it might seem to our economy, has almost always been incredibly stupid, bothersome, and at its worst somewhat deadly – debatable I know, but shut the hell up and enjoy these ridiculous ads I have sitting on my desktop. I have literally thousands of these.

I just hate Uggs

Or rather, I just continue to hate Uggs. A few days ago I read this little blurb from CNN Money regarding Black Friday sales in the face of our settling financial depression: But one apparel item has snuck its way in – Uggs boots made by Deckers Outdoor Group (DECK). It’s turning into the closest […]

The Wonderful World of Carbon Offsets

So I’m browsing through my bank’s reward-related website so I can cash in my accumulated 15,000 or so bonus points that I’ve hoarded over the past four years or so, in an effort to maybe get something of value. And big shocker, the only thing worth trading those points in for is cold, hard cash […]


So the contest to craft a VISION OF THE FUTURE OF DOWTOWN BALTIMORE FOR THE NEW MILLENIUM, first published in the BDC’s Spring 2007 newsletter, has seemingly come to a close because in an EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE PRINTED ONLY IN THE BALTIMORE SUN AND NO WHERE ELSE, we see some fancy illustrations and details as to […]