The bars that are sorta similar to one another FACEOFF

A short while ago, some B’sOAM and I were discussing some bars that we used to frequent that, for all intents and purposes, were basically interchangeable. Sort of. For instance, Friends (before it was a goddamn sushi restaurant) and Dougherty’s (223 West Chase St., Mt. Vernon) were pretty much the same place; kinda open, kinda […]

Baltimore Beer Week 2010 (aka BBW 2010)

The cooler days of Fall are approaching (thank God) and it can mean one of several things for you personally, be it impending yardwork, giving birth to a child, whatever floats your boat. But certainly, one thing it should definitely mean for you personally is your participation in the 2nd Annual Baltimore Beer Week, put […]

The Fort Avenue pub crawl stabbing – Backlash and fallout

In case you were not paying attention to the Baltimore area internet in the past few days, it was initially reported on Monday by Sun reporter Justin Fenton that during a pub crawl along Fort Avenue on Saturday (an overlapping pub crawl not associated with the one plugged a few days prior), an altercation broke […]

NachoQuest – Captain Larry’s

When I received word that Federal Hill’s Riverside’s favorite neighborhood bar, Captain Larry’s, had a form of nachos that incorporated my two favorite things – nachos and brunch – I Scooby Doo ran my way down there and immediately used my mouth muscles and tongue to order them. The BRUNCHOS are $9 and come with […]

NachoQuest – Harborque

At the suggestion of some guy with a blog, I moseyed on over to Harborque (1421 Lawrence St., Riverside) the other day to try their Carolina Nachos – nachos piled with cheddar cheese, beans, jalapenos, BBQ sauce, and A MILLION POUNDS OF PULLED PORK. For $5.75. And let me tell you something, these “nachos” transcend […]