1542 Gastropub seems to be a successful rebranding

  The space formerly known as The Reserve unlocked its doors this past weekend with the softest of openings, giving folks the opportunity to see the fruits of minor construction and a rebranding at the hands of Atlanta based Invigor, with new head chef Cyrus Keefer leading the charge with a new menu that follows […]

Bill’s Lighthouse sold again (for real this time), to become yet another pizza restaurant

Well it’s been a long time coming: Bill’s Lighthouse Inn, a staple in the South Baltimore area for 30+ years, has finally been sold (for really reals this time) to one Haluk Kantar et al of the Cazbar group, who intend to form Slyce the Bar, a pizza restaurant. ….pizza. Sounds great. Since the news […]

SoBo’s The Reserve is closed forever, until next week

Man, South Baltimore is on a roll these days with the closings and the reopenings and the rollovers and the what not – The Reserve (1542 Light St, Riverside) is now “closed” … for a week. Here’s a bizarrely worded update per their Facebook page: After 2 1/2 Wonderful years*, The Reserve is officially closing […]

Centro Tapas closes, area residents may have to travel roughly one mile for Tapas

Baltimore Diner dropped the news the other day that Riverside’s fancy pantsy former-Bicycle restaurant Centro Tapas has closed its doors, after two years of service. This is extremely sad news, as the city of Baltimore now has fewer than ten restaurants dedicated to serving tiny bits of food at pretty high prices. (Update: Gorelick has […]

Delia Foley’s expands wing selection, 30 flavors now available

So after checking out Howard’s newish happy hour and sampling their smoked chicken wings, I suddenly felt the need to travel as soon as possible to Riverside’s Delia Foley’s (1439 S. Charles St.) for comparison, as it had been some time since I last tried them. Much to my surprise, the wing selection has been […]