DeBois Textiles – go there.

Ever been to DeBois Textiles (1835 Washington Boulevard, Carrol-Camden Industrial Area)? Better set of questions: are you into incredibly awesome vintage and thrift clothing, as well as a ludicrously wide selection of inexpensive fabrics for your household and clothing needs? Have you ever wanted to see a mountain of shoes? If you answer yes to […]

Review: Predators

Remember the first time you saw Predator? How balls-out hard-as-nails every character was, even when they were slaughtered like helpless lambs by the invisible Predator juggernaut? How the Predator itself creeped you out, building that “monster in the closet (with a laser cannon)” suspense right up until the reveal at the end, when Dutch finally […]

Alternative rock – with a cello!

The tagline on their website says it all. When cello player for the late 90s Alt-Rock band Treadmill Trackstar Heidi Carey emailed me about her love of po’ boys and whiskey, she informed me of her recently reunited band’s finished effort to produce an album – after a ten year hiatus – funded entirely by […]

New Orleans: A food commentary – Part 2

Po Boys, Po Boys, Po Boys Chances are pretty high that if you’re going to New Orleans and someone you know has already been there and you’re talking to them about New Orleans, they will say something to the effect of “OMG OMG G O JOMGOGMGOMG PO BOYS DDROOOOL.”  Sure enough, New Orleans is awash […]

New Orleans: A food commentary – Part 1

A week or so ago I had the pain/pleasure of spending some time in New Orleans during what must have been the coldest four day period in the history of New Orleans, with the exception of the last ice age (maybe). And since walking around the Garden District seemed less appealing in freezing rain, I […]

Mealtime! #18 – How much should a turkey wrap cost?

What: Turkey Wrap Where: Cafe Azafran (3700 San Martin Dr, Johns Hopkins Homewood) How Much: $8.50 Synopsis: It’s not often that I would use Mealtime! to disparage something I’m eating, but this turkey wrap – despite its decent flavor – was small and exceedingly expensive considering you could just as easily get the same thing […]