Bacon Bloodies – now at Oregon Grille!

This was a joint venture between myself and Erik Brown, the bartender at the Oregon Grille. Once I learned that it was possible to create a bacon-infused vodka, I immediately thought, “That would make a bitchin’ Bloody Mary.” I finally got around to making the vodka a couple of weeks ago, and the drink had […]

The Cafe Hon Flamingo – breakdown of the dumb.

This is truly and without question one of those days that the namesake of this website couldn’t be more appropriate. The Sun reports this morning (A Flamingo Flap, 10/21/2009) that the giant, controversial (what?), pink flamingo adorning Cafe Hon in Hampden has been removed as a result of the owner, Denise Whiting, refusing to pay […]

South Baltimore has CRABS!

It recently occurred to me that South Baltimore is becoming a helluva decent place to go for crabs. And it rules. LP Steamers in Locust Point has some of the finest mumbo jimmies around at decent prices, they’ve been an institution for quite a while. Steamers is about as old school Baltimore as you can […]

“Restaurant” week in full effect

So everyone loves Restaurant Week, where 90+ Baltimore area eateries get together and decide that they don’t get enough customers and give patrons a legitimately good deal on a 3-course meal ($30 for dinner, $20 for lunch at most places). It’s great, a wonderful excuse to spend money on eating out, and usually a great […]