CTB Podcast Episode Fourteen: Teks for Tacos

The Gang discusses their respective 4th of July experiences and various cultural festivals in Baltimore. Under represented cuisines in the area including Pho and Ethiopian get a mention and a new segment Fun Facts with Cheeselaine is debuted. After the break Dennis and Evan discuss Baltimore’s recent spike in crime and David Simon’s take on […]

CTB Podcast Episode Thirteen: I Did Not See That Coming

Evan The Mayor makes a pretty severely important announcement at the top of the show regarding the Future of The City That Breeds and The Podgang is joined by North Baltimore Patch editor Adam Bednar (@northbmorepatch) to discuss recent doings in Federal Hill with one Cross Bar, Mila The Producer ruins Shout Outs, and a […]

CTB Podcast Episode Twelve: A Beerbong of Cat Pee

Evan the Mayor returns from a trip to the Dominican Republic to discuss the Catonsville Parade, Dundalk Heritage fair and the ins and outs of karaoke around Baltimore. Special guest Nate Dogg drops in unexpectedly and wondrously assists with local issue discussion including the classic chestnut Harbor Point, Free Farm Baltimore and Fiscal Year 2013. […]

Baltimore Bad Birds Episode Two: Talk To Me Like A Man

Carne Cabeza and the gang talk number twos, Pedro Strop, our fantastic bullpen of late, Super Bowl Rings, and the Urban Dictionary Word of the Week. Also featuring Eutaw Street Report’s segment, “The Good, Bad, Ugly and Stacy Kiebler” as well as our very own Shout Outs and Shut Ups. Buy Ravens Tickets!

CTB Podcast Episode Eleven: Taco In A Bag Dot Org

Evan and Dennis are joined by Patch.com politics reporter Bryan Sears (@bpsears) to discuss the political machinery of Maryland in next year’s election. Game of Thrones indeed. Other topics include the Tiki Barge, veiled threats by Harbor Point developers, and the virtues of newfound nonprofit venture Taco In A Bag Dot Org, whose aim is […]

Introducing the Baltimore Bad Birds Starring Carne Cabeza

In an effort to continue our long campaign of local pod-related-media domination we introduce friend of CTB Carne Cabeza’s sports podcast, Baltimore Bad Birds. They discuss all things Orioles, high school sports, and those SHOUT OUTS and SHUT UPS you’ve come to know and love. Give it a listen and subscribe on iTunes if you […]