CTB Podcast Episode 37: Bryan Sears and Mark Newgent at McIver Studios

Our year in review continues as we look FORWARD (“whoah” ~Neo) to 2014 and the top issues in the state legislature as we’re joined by returning champion and Daily Record contributor Bryan Sears and Red Maryland’s own Mark Newgent! Give it a listen and have a great holiday Baltimore!

CTB Podcast Episode 36-2: Jimmy Eat World Shoutout

The episode continues as Jimmy Eat World enthusiast Justin Fenton hangs out as the gang discusses local news and issues. Marijuana op-eds, BGE rate hikes, T Rowe Price and Michael Beatty top the list as the fun comes to an amazing halt before the holidays. Speaking of which, may your holidays be bright Baltimore – […]

CTB Podcast Episode 36-1: McNuggets And Water For Everyone

Beginning our Year in Review we kick off a special two part episode in the Year In Crime, starring none other than intrepid Baltimore Sun crime reporter Justin Fenton and crime editor Andy Rosen. Many tangents are covered including dipping sauces, fantasy football and continued fascination with Fenton’s beard. Stay tuned for part two!

CTB Podcast Episode 35: The Department of Question Marks

After taking a break for the holiday and inclement weather, Evan, Dennis and Casey are back to discuss all the things! Best of Craigslist, Jingle All The Way, the news that’s fit to rant about and even the news that isn’t. Enjoy this episode before our YEAR IN REVIEW series starting next week!

CTB Podcast Episode 34: Joce Sterman at ABC2

Recorded graciously at WMAR/ABC2 this special ep of the CTB Pod is joined by Emmy Award Winner Joce Sterman where all the things you’ve ever wanted about local TV news are discussed. B roll footage, MOS interviews, Joce getting tazed, pretty much everything! Also featured the Best of 311 and a lightning round of the […]

CTB Podcast Episode 33: All We Do Is Derail

Very special guest Lowell Melser from WBAL, the Marc and Lowell show and the RELM Network joins a recording from Oomph Marketing in Federal Hill to discuss Lowell’s career in TV and broadcasting, the Cosby Sweater Bar Crawl, Barbecue, The Best of Change Maryland and much, much more! The news that’s fit to rant about […]