CTB Podcast Episode Six: Extra Cheese on your Whopper

The Podgang wishes a very happy birthday to the returning @bryanlevy as he laments entering the Dirty Thirties. Dennis, Evan and Casey discuss gambling revenues, city contracts and other lovely wasteful spending being perpetrated by Baltimore. With sexy results! Shoutouts and Shutups also get dropped – send yours to shoutouts@citythatbreeds.com! READ OUR REVIEW!

CTB Podcast Episode Five Part Two: Zooterooti Margarooti

Our extra long and slightly inebriated episode continues as Evan, Dennis and John discuss all things Baltimore including Police Commissioner Batts, Sheila Dixon, Oprah Winfrey, Gregg Bestein’s policy on marijuana, speed camera cronyism, and oh so much more. We close out in grande fashione with SHUT UPS – if you’ve got a shut up of […]

CTB podcast Episode Five Part One: Get Licked by a Mastiff

A special extended episode split into two parts! The Podgang journeys to Fells Point bar Bad Decisions to chat with owner John Reusing about his business and success. A drinking game involving customers ensues that renders everyone increasingly useless. Evan teases a special offer for next week’s Charm City Folk and Bluegrass Festival! Shout outs […]

CTB Podcast Episode Four: Asphalt Babies

The podgang welcomes sometimes CTB contributor Angry Mike to tell his nightmarish tale of buying a property in Pigtown from a person who didn’t exactly rehab the property too well. Shankman posits the topic of “Good Bars Gone Bad,” and Dennis relays more Maryland General Assembly fallout with the possibility of an O’Malley candidate for […]

CTB Podcast Episode Three: Shoutouts and Shutups

Evan, Shankman, Dennis and Casey delve into the topics of coffee around Baltimore, “gourmet” pizza and the culture of crab consumption in the region. Casey recounts a tale of bartender Stockholm Syndrome that sparks a conversation about tipping, littering and the service industry in general. Then Dennis and Evan discuss more Baltimore goodness, including the […]

CTB podcast Episode Two: “The High Days of Lynyrd Skynyrd”

In this week’s episode, the gang talks about the state of Florida and adventures in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, complaining about a lack of booze in grocery stores and smoking in bars back her in Baltimore. Everyone’s favorite Shout Outs are delivered and DennisTheCynic goes over the latest in Baltimore City issues as they relate […]