CTB Show 488: The Rods We Met Along the Way

After a break the podgang convenes to discuss the myriad of events that occurred over the past week and change. The Block, Cross Street/Lexington Market are highlighted, Casey is Diseased, and being upper middle class are discussed on the front half. Then a shitload of pop culture chat including a very very fine HOT TUNGSTEN […]

CTB Show 487: Dictator for a Day

On this week’s show it’s just Bryan and Evan to discuss the Mosby verdict, “Dictator for a Day (starring Macaulay Culkin),” an entire slew of food topics and a hypothetical situation that falls flatter than a pancake without buttermilk. Also Wil Wheaton flips out, True Detective is boring and a few other things. WOW!!!!!!!!!! JOIN […]