NachoQuest – THE MAP

Let’s say you’re driving around Baltimore in your Yaris or something, it’s 6pm and you’re stuck on St. Paul headed toward Light St. and those goddamn people who keep blocking the box are holding up absolutely everything. You glance out of your driver’s side window and note the presence of Cardboard Guy, and then it […]

NachoQuest – The Wharf Rat

apologies for the lousy photo. it was dark and all I had was a cell phone. I sampled these nachos at Wharf Rat (801 S. Ann Street, Fells Point) while meeting some long lost friends. Entitled “Harvey Nick’s Nachos,” they feature veggie or meat chili, onions, olives, shredded cheese, tomatoes, salsa, jalapenos and sour cream […]

Nacho Quest – The Nacho Manifesto

After a mere 24 hours of attempting to scientifically determine who has the greatest nachos in the Baltimore area, it has become apparent that a number of qualities, exceptions, and/or ground need to be established as to what will and will most certainly not win points in the “Yeah these are good nachos” column. Obviously […]

NachoQuest – ALPHA

Mankind has always endeavored upon the noblest of causes: clean burning energy, environmental protection, penis enlargement creams, breast enlargement creams, that kind of thing. Today I announce my intent to contribute my services to the pantheon of Makind’s legacy and discover once and forever – where can Baltimore’s best nachos be found?  Truly this is […]