Fuzzy Hearts to a Baltimore Food Examiner

It was called to my attention while I was away last week that a particular Baltimore Restaurant Events Examiner (quite the mouthful), Jasmine Touton, has given wicked mad props to the WILDLY POPULAR and current long term City That Breeds project, NachoQuest. Knowing full well what she’s talking about, she had the following to say […]

NachoQuest – The Pickled Parrot

Nachos from The Pickled Parrot (3020 Elliott St., Canton) come with chili, tomato, black olives, jalapenos, cheese and sour cream for 8 bucks. And according to the bartender, you can add chicken for another 3 bucks (though it doesn’t say so on the menu). Plus, if you’re there on a Saturday between 4-7pm, they’re half […]

NachoQuest – Turp’s

(let it be known that I will be performing a full review on Turp’s very, very soon) Let’s just get this out of the way right now: The meatless nacho fiesta comes with salsa, black olives, jalapenos (not fresh), cheddar, gauc and sour cream. For $5.95, add chili for a buck. But if you’re smart/lucky/badass […]

NachoQuest – No Way Jose Cafe

I’ve always enjoyed the food at No Way Jose. I don’t care what anyone says, they’re mexican is pretty good stuff despite the fact that Blue Agave is practically right next door (not to mention Pop Tacos has awesome burritos etc. for much less) and the “upscale” Federales Cantina is on the horizon. And these […]

NachoQuest – Mother’s Grille

Iggi’s Nachos at Mother’s Grille (1113 S Charles St., Federal Hill). Normally in the $10 range, add $3 for chicken and ANOTHER $2 for guac if you want them. I was lucky enough to hangover-zombie shuffle my way into the place on a Saturday when nachos were half price (from 12-5pm), and they certainly turned […]