And Baltimore’s most epic moustache in history is…

With 32% of the vote, Baltimore’s most epic moustache in history goes to none other than Eddie Murray from the 1980’s!!

Mr. Boh was a close 2nd with 27%, but the epic presence of full mutton chops with a soul patch featured on Eddie’s face could not be denied. Here’s Eddie sharing his amazing victory via a celebratory drink with Cal Ripken.

We tried to reach 2010 Eddie Murray for comment, but were unable to do so.

And so that’s that folks, until some other precocious up and comer Baltimore-based celebrity decides to grow some facial hair more epic that Mr. Murray’s, Eddie is your reigning Baltimore Celebrity Moustache Champion!

For more moustache awesomeness and fun times this coming Saturday, head to the Movember Baltimore Moustache Bash. All proceeds to go the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Livestrong Campaign.

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Movember 2009 BEGINS!!!!!!!

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Movember BEGINS!

Unfortunately I’m a few days late for the beginning of Movember, the initiative to get males to grow mustaches throughout the month of November and raise awareness/get donations for the Prostate Cancer Foundation (R.I.P. DJS M.D. 1938-2001 <3). I’m participating this year and have shaved my face cleanly, as you can see. At any rate, […]