Where to spend Halloween Eve in Baltimore: A flowchart

When living in Baltimore during what can truly be considered a high holiday in this fair city – Halloween – the pressure of deciding where to go to show off your a) ironic, b) sexy, or c) all of the above costume and getting blackout drunk with thousands of other people can be daunting. It’s […]

5 totally horrifying movies for Halloween Week

Being that it’s now officially the five days leading up to Halloween, I thought I’d share with you folks what I feel are five of the most horrifying feature flicks out there. I can safely say that watching these films in order once a day until Halloween will probably make you insane in some way […]

Go to Station North this Halloween. Do it.

For something a bit different and with far less vomit during this year’s Halloween festivities, I fully intend to patronize Station North in lieu of more jam-packed, expensive and otherwise drunk as hell areas like Fell’s Point or Federal Hill. And so should you. Granted, you’ll be trading your crowd of 20,000 totally sweet sexy […]

The Halloween Game

I’m pretty sure if one were to Google only the blogs of the internet, the overwhelming majority of them would be saying the same ol’ hat about how “Halloween is just an excuse for girls to dress slutty hurrr” and what have you, on this holiest of white holidays. But this particular blog entry on […]