The Baltimore Area Cheapest Beers Map!

It’s well documented that people enjoy beer. And while the snottiest beer nerd will wince at the thought of drinking some sort of mass produced domestic on the cheap, the rest of us want it cold, quickly, and most importantly: cheap.

Which is why starting now, the Baltimore Area Cheapest Beers Map is live! […]

The handy guide to custom google maps on your phone

Lots of you tech oriented people out there are already well aware of how to accomplish this, but for those of you who aren’t, imagine this situation: You’re driving along and suddenly you develop a craving for say, nachos. “BUT WHERE’S THE BEST AND OR CLOSEST PLACE TO FIND NACHOS?!?!” you screech in your open windowed car, thoroughly embarrassing yourself. Fortunately, given the past exploits and insanely helpful maps created by us in the past, your troubles are over. Here’s how to add such a map to your phone…

Google Earth Projects – Baltimore City Council Districts Map

As a perfect companion to the neighborhoods map, the city council districts map helps you figure out who you should be complaining to when you see them durn teenagers playing their hippity hop too loud in the alleyway. Baltimore City Council Districts Map (Earth) (Maps) – Information regarding the City Council district borders and its […]

Google Earth Project – Top 100 Coldest Beers in Baltimore (2007)

As promised, I have begun mapping City Paper’s top 100 coldest beers lists, and will be presenting them year by year in the Google Earth Projects page. Once all of them have been completed they will be available as a whole set, or individual years for viewing. Top 100 Coldest Beers in Baltimore – 2007 […]