Ale Mary’s thing has legs, counter group formed

Since last Friday’s revelation that a Catholic group, outraged by Fells Point’s Ale Mary’s (1939 Fleet St.) usage of religious artifacts as vessels for chugging delicious ales, the story seems to have spread from blog to blog, to the Baltimore Sun, and apparently to local TV news as side segments aired all along the East […]

Uber Catholic group protesting Ale Mary’s existence

My inbox overfloweth with word today that a group on Facebook entitled “500,000 Against “Ale Mary’s” Abuse of the Sacred and the Sublime” – a group of 200 or so (as of now) folks from all over the place that have deemed the Fells Point drinkery/eatery offensive to their religious sensibilities. They have launched a […]

Woody’s Rum Bar gets slapped with stop work order

While breezing through Fells Point the other day, I couldn’t help but notice that Woody’s Run Bar and Island Grill (1700 Thames St.) looked conspicuously stripped down, had some conspicuous yellow tape running along the length of its balcony windows, and had a more than conspicuous telltale bright orange STOP WORK order pasted to the […]

Presenting: The first ever and probably annual Halloween in April

(Facebook Page) If you’re a Baltimore resident who happens to be interested in the festivities and frivolity of Halloween, chances are pretty high you at one point attempted to spend the high holiday in our own Historic Fells Point, and within five point five seconds found yourself waiting in line for 27 hours at Max’s […]

JA Murphy’s is now Murphy’s Law

(update: The episode of Bar Rescue has aired and Murphy’s Law has since closed. Read more here.) I’m a bit confused here. Last month, it was announced pretty much everywhere that Spike TV’s Bar Rescue (Kitchen Nightmares for bars) would be filming at JA Murphy’s (1703 Aliceanna St, Fells Point). Then, something something about filming […]