These BaltiMO’ shirts have got to BaltiGO’!

WE’RE SOLD OUT!!! REPRINT COMING SOON!   See that immensely attractive t-shirt down there? It’s one of our leftover shirts from this past Movember, which despite being a wildly fantastic success left us with a few extras. It features some (most) of Baltimore’s Most Epic Moustaches, and would make a great gift/workout/housepainting/dishrag shirt for you! […]

Donate to Japan relief by riding the water taxi

Thinking about enjoying the weather over the next few days and riding around the harbor in style on Baltimore’s own Water Taxi? Well maybe you should, since up until Saturday they’re donating 50% of ticket sales to the American Red Cross, who have been aiding the beleaguered earthquake refugees of Japan over the past week […]

Movember 2010 – Mo’ Harder

For the past three years, I’ve been a firm supporter and dedicated fundraiser for the greatest facial hair related charity known to man, Movember. As I mentioned a few weeks ago on Frank Zappa Day, we’ve been putting together this year’s campaign on the side (I even took numerous days away from this precious, precious little crappy blog to work on it) and it has finally come together quite nicely. We’ve got some really fun events lined up, a lot of prizes and totally awesome moustaches on the way.

On a personal note, the first year I participated in Movember I (somehow) managed to raise over $600, which was astounding to me. Last year, with the help of some friends, some absconded laser jet paper from work and a whole lot of free crap to give away we managed to raise nearly $2000. This year, our team has grown and even before the official start of Movember, we’ve already raise nearly $600. At any rate I’m already really proud of everyone’s help with the team so far this year and can’t wait to see what this month brings.

Head on over to for all the details, fun stuff and moustache action you can handle!

Tying it all together: Frank Zappa Day and Movember in Baltimore

As it was widely reported this past Sunday, a big ol’ statue of Frank Zappa’s head – Baltimore’s own prolific avant garde rock/jazz/classical/everything else musician and defender of free speech – was dedicated in Highlandtown in front of a crowd of billions. While the idea as to where it should have gone was expressed a […]

The Clicks for Cats (and Dogs, etc.) Campaign

See these dumb Google Ads on this site? They’re pretty worthless, for the most part; pixels I could be using for better things. Unless, of course, those better things involve a local charity that everyone tends to like, right? Which is why, starting today, I’m kicking off the Clicks for Cats (and Dogs, etc.) Campaign. […]

Movember 2009 BEGINS!!!!!!!

MOVEMBER! The full-month charity extravaganza known as Movember has begun. Throughout the month, men all over the world will grow mustaches (and the occasional beard) in an effort to raise awareness for men’s health issues with a primary focus on Testicular and Prostate Cancer. The international organizers of Movember have teamed up with the Lance […]