Many of you may know that tomorrow is the most important day of the primary election cycle. If you don't
murders are down to pre-crack levels. 14 murders in January is still a hell of a lot, and this is
Tomorrow is the last day anyone in Baltimore will be able to smoke inside of a bar. John Woestendiek wrote
If you haven't found yet, you should go there to find a few forgotten favorites. No Brisco County Jr.,
One of the more fascinating reads coming out of the Baltimore media is most certainly The City Paper's Murder Ink,
So a pair of friends of mine have an 'investment club' in which we put some money together to own
For Sale: One Robosaurus. (via)
As many who frequent this wonderful site are aware, I am the once and future author of another, now all-but-moribund,
Welp, here's the new website. It's going to be very cluttered until everything is restored. BUT IT WILL RULE.