In which Hon disappears, reappears, and Mr. Boh & Sallie Utz fall in love

Once upon a time, in the land of pleasant living, all the Baltimore mascots lived in harmony. On this particular Sunday morning, nothing exciting seemed to be happening. Mr. Boh was sleeping off a hangover. Poe the Raven and The Oriole Bird were fighting over a worm. Sallie Utz was munching away on her fried […]

Soup Month 2009 Begins!!!! (now with bonus contest)

Last year, I spent entirely too much time during the month of December making delicious soups and eating soup and thinking about soup and loving soup, and well lookee here folks, it’s December again. Which means IT’S SOUP MONTH AGAIN!!!! For the record, here are some of last year’s recipes: Italian Wedding Soup Minestrone Twofer […]