Bronies, Bronycon, Brony-ism: A Primer

Our local Brony consultant known only as “Bronii-san” provides you with an introduction to the wild, wild world of Bronies, as Bronycon kicks off this weekend at the Baltimore Convention Center. Take it away, Bronii-san! First, a little background. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP:FiM) takes place in the land of Equestria. Lead character […]

Truth In Numbers

From the Winnipeg Sun comes this groundbreaking poll* delving deep into the human psyche: Those Canadians are so polite! Yes! (*not all all taken out of context. results may vary. consult your astrophysician before consumption.)

Truth In Numbers

City That Breeds scientists have recently concluded a 2400 sample, seven month study on motherhood behaviors in and around the Baltimore area with regard to the decibel levels with which area females publicly discipline their offspring; specifically, in the middle of neighborhood intersections while strollering additional offspring to and from undisclosed locations. The results, as […]

Truth in Numbers

If there’s anything science has shown us, it’s the universal truth that whence in a car and feeling “the discomfort,” for whatever reason it’s not nearly as excruciating as the stretch of land inbetween doorway to porcelain; the physical pain reaching a logarithmic peak at roughly 10 feet. So the experimental procedure remains to have […]

Bieber Fever contracted by livestock, thousands euthanized

[caption id="attachment_5175" align="alignnone" width="249" caption="Sun photo"][/caption]

International Universal Singing Supernova Justin Bieber performed in front of a screaming, frenzied audience of over 12,000 people and several hundred animals at the Maryland State Fair on Sunday, sending humans into frothing convulsions coupled by uncontrollable sobbing and child worship. The condition, known as “Bieber Fever,” was previously considered to be a mild disorder with a relatively short disease course of several hours, or concurrent distance from the teenage singer, with very few if any lasting effects.

That is, unfortunately, until Sunday when it became apparent that Bieber Fever is contractible to livestock. […]

Fruit Bats – gettin’ it ON

It’s not often that I bother to make reference to the fact that professionally speaking, I am a bonafide grade A nerd-ass scientist who works with and studies animals. But this particular article recently published in PLoS ONE is just…. WAY too good to pass up saying something about. The article, entitled “Fellatio by Fruit […]