CTB Podcast Episode Negative Two: “Anthony Anderdwards”

Episode negative two debuts with a continuation of EvanTheMayor and DennisTheCynic’s conversation about mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s ten year plan for the city of Baltimore, with sexy results! Then some quibbles with the hit Netflix show House of Cards and a discussion of rebooting the 90s show Roc. Then @bryanlevy slides onto the mic and begins a wildly tangented-tial conversation about the Oscars, C.H.U.D.s, comic book boycotts, confusion about Anthony Edwards, some more stuff, and finally the death of Kegasus.

CTB Podcast Episode Negative Three: “We Have No Format Here, Folks”

And so the time has finally come when The City That Breeds sprouts a little media dong and forays into the vastly overpopulated Podcasting Universe, with episode negative three (it’ll be a while until we come to any kind of cohesive or well produced show format) entitled “We Have No Format Here, Folks.” EvanTheMayor and […]