CTB Podcast Episode Nine: Whine in the Woods

Everyone is delighted to have a female in the room as the podcast is joined by CTB street team member @cheeselaine and a discussion of weekend events ensues including every White Person’s favorite, Wine in the Woods. Another rousing round of Would You Rather is played and then local topics are covered from SRB’s questionable […]

CTB Podcast Episode Eight: Balls

The Podgang discuss the joys of Mother’s Day which segues into a discussion about the Maryland Film Festival. A new segment “Would You Rather” is debuted which beautifully segues into a discussion of dipping sauces prior to the break segue. Then Shout Outs are delivered, which segues into news and politics, which segues into Shut […]

CTB Podcast Episode Seven Part One: Only 4000 Of Them Are Camwhores

In an INCREDIBLE EXCLUSIVELY AMAZING EPISODE, ace crime reporter for the Baltimore Sun Justin Fenton joins the Podgang to discuss the trials and tribulations of (what else) crime in Baltimore, the ever changing landscape of journalism and audience engagement in the New Media era. With sexy results! Other topics of convo include the Grand Prix, […]

CTB Podcast Episode Six: Extra Cheese on your Whopper

The Podgang wishes a very happy birthday to the returning @bryanlevy as he laments entering the Dirty Thirties. Dennis, Evan and Casey discuss gambling revenues, city contracts and other lovely wasteful spending being perpetrated by Baltimore. With sexy results! Shoutouts and Shutups also get dropped – send yours to shoutouts@citythatbreeds.com! READ OUR REVIEW!

CTB Podcast Episode Five Part Two: Zooterooti Margarooti

Our extra long and slightly inebriated episode continues as Evan, Dennis and John discuss all things Baltimore including Police Commissioner Batts, Sheila Dixon, Oprah Winfrey, Gregg Bestein’s policy on marijuana, speed camera cronyism, and oh so much more. We close out in grande fashione with SHUT UPS – if you’ve got a shut up of […]