CTB Podcast Episode 16 Part 1: Pigeon in a Bag

The gang is joined by no one at all as they discuss Casey’s misadventures in West Baltimore and Evan debuts the new segment True Patriots of The Week. Crust Punks, popped collars, Crisfield and Artscape are all dealt with and we learn all about Pigeons in Fun Facts With Cheesy! Part 2 drops this Thursday, […]

CTB Podcast Episode 15 Part 2: Carol Ott at Tommy’s Downtown Tavern

The Caroll Ott guest spot continues with local news as the gang discusses water bills, Harbor Point, truck cameras, the downtown Hilton and much more – with the most epic Shut Up yet delivered on the podcast at the end. A must listen. Orioles / Red Sox tickets! Get in for $17 here: http://tiqiq.us/balbos

CTB Podcast Episode 15 Part 1: Carol Ott at Tommy’s Downtown Tavern

Special guest Carol Ott, housing policy advocate and hater of all things slummy of Baltimore Slumlord Watch joins the show for an extended, meaty conversation about her current projects and Baltimore’s issues with housing. Other topics include Sound Guy Casey’s recent move to Pigtown, Would You Rather (puppy shoes edition!), Shout Outs and much more. […]

CTB Podcast Episode Fourteen: Teks for Tacos

The Gang discusses their respective 4th of July experiences and various cultural festivals in Baltimore. Under represented cuisines in the area including Pho and Ethiopian get a mention and a new segment Fun Facts with Cheeselaine is debuted. After the break Dennis and Evan discuss Baltimore’s recent spike in crime and David Simon’s take on […]